What Are You Waiting For? Results Start When You Do

45+ Cardio Machines
45+ Cardio Machines
Never wait in line
2 Group Rooms
2 Group Rooms
Over 50 group classes per week
Tons of Weights
Tons of Weights
Always find something open
Kid's Club
Kid's Club
Child care while you work out


Triad Fitness offers more than just a workout, we offer camaraderie, motivation, and goal-oriented fitness plans for all levels. With over 45 cardio machines, tons of weight machines, free weights, kettle bells and tractor tires…we have it all.

Join us for any of our high-energy group classes offered throughout the day or set an appointment with a certified independent personal trainer for a nutrition consultation and meal plan. We can help you meet your fitness goals!


Triad Fitness features a 2,200 square foot
cross training room, open to all members.

10 Heavy Bags | TRX System | Battle Ropes | Tractor Tires
Pull-Up Bars | Kettle Bells | Bootcamp Classes | + More


Join us on social media to connect with other members, hear success stories, stay up to date with gym events and find the strength within you to succeed.


Monday – Thursday 4 am – Midnite
Friday 4 am – 10 pm
Saturday – Sunday 7 am – 7 pm

Stay on top of your fitness routine.